Vision, Mission, Values

Our purpose is to actively protect and enhance people’s lives

We play a proactive and leading role in improving people’s lives through insurance.

We are dedicated to the heart of insurance - managing and mitigating risks of individuals and institutions.

Generali is also committed to creating value.

We deeply care about our clients’ and our people’s future and lives.

Ultimately, we have an impact on the quality of people’s lives: wealth, safety, advice and service are instrumental in improving people’s chosen way of life for the long term.

Our mission is to be the first choice by delivering relevant and accessible insurance solutions

First choice
Logical and natural action that acknowledges the best offer in the market based on clear advantages and benefits.

We ensure achievement striving for the highest performance.

Anticipating or fulfilling a real life need or opportunity, tailored to local and personal needs and habits, perceived as valuable.

Simple, first of all, and easy to find, to understand and to use; always available, at a competitive value for money.

Insurance solutions
We aim at offering and tailoring a bright combination of protection, advice and service.

Our values

Deliver on the promise
We tie a long-term contract of mutual trust with our people, clients and stakeholders; all of our work is about improving the lives of our clients. We commit with discipline and integrity to bringing this promise to life and making an impact within a long lasting relationship.

Value our people
We value our people, encourage diversity and invest in continuous learning and growth by creating a transparent, cohesive and accessible working environment. Developing our people will ensure our company’s long term future.

Live the community

We are proud to belong to a global Group with strong, sustainable and long lasting relationships in every market in which we operate. Our markets are our homes.

We support the most vulnerable people through The Human Safety Net (THSN), the new Group flagship initiative for the community.The Human Safety Net’s programmes target three key social and demographic issues affecting communities where we live and work:
  • creating equal life opportunities for children from disadvantaged backgrounds

Generali wants to promote equal life chances for children from disadvantaged backgrounds, by helping parents to boost their children’s cognitive, motor and social development through play, reading, nutrition and providing a safe and stimulating social environment.
THSN aims to support 30,000 parents during the first six years of their child’s life, which has been scientifically proven as the most formative period in children’s development.

  • asupporting refugee to set up their start-ups

Generali wants to empower refugees to realize their entrepreneurial potential and build livelihoods in their new ‘home’ countries.
THSN will support those who have the experience and skills to create their own businesses and to become self-sufficient, thus setting up 500 new businesses and opportunities for work.

  • saving newborns from the debilitating and potentially fatal consequences of asphyxia

In Europe and Asia, THSN is investing in innovative technologies and better care to help tackle asphyxia, that can result in severe and permanent injuries to the baby’s brain, with the aim to train and equip professionals to help save 1,000 lives from this potentially fatal condition.

THSN will operate through partnerships with NGOs and social enterprises that will be selected through due diligence and monitored using a new reporting system, based on the London Benchmarking Group framework i.e. the global standard to measure investments in the communities. Based on a 3-year strategy supported by a new set of Group guidelines, this initiative has already been launched in Germany, France, Argentina, Indonesia and Spain and aims to be active in the majority of the business units by 2020.

As part of its long-term commitment, Generali is creating a home for THSN in its most prized properties: the Procuratie Vecchie in St. Mark’s Square in Venice, a UNESCO World Heritage Site where Generali is committed to an important renewal project that will be extended to other spaces around the square and the adjacent Royal Gardens

Be open
We are curious, approachable and empowered people with open and diverse mindsets who want to look at things from a different perspective.