Group highlights¹

Glossary available at the end of this document

Gross written premiums
€ 68,537 mln
Of which € 11,272 mln premiums with social value and € 676 premiums
with environmental value2
Operating result
€ 4,895 mln
Operating return on equity
+0.0 pps
Net profit
€ 2,110 mln
Proposed dividend per share
€ 0,85
Proposed total dividends
€ 1,330 mln
Regulatory Solvency II ratio
+30 pps
Economic Solvency II ratio
+36 pps
Total Asset Under Management (AUM)
€ 542 bln
Of which € 345 bln direct investments to which the RIG is applied
(+7.1%) e € 37,2 bln SRI (+21.2%)3
Our people
female in the top management4 (-2 pps)
engagement rate (-2 pps vs 2015)
Our clients
57 mln
Our exclusive distributors
155 mila
Total emissions5
t 112.782 CO2e
(-9.5% vs base year 2013)

settore Vita LIFE Increasing operating result thanks to the investment performance. The trend in premiums continued to embed the approach in the offering that is even more disciplined. Life net cash inflows of more than € 9.7 bln, remaining at the highest levels in the market. 
Gross written premiums
€ 47,788 mln
Life net cash inflows € 9,718 mln (-17.1%)
€ 1,820 mln
Operating result
€ 3,141 mln
settore Danni P&C Positive trend in premiums thanks to both lines of business. Operating result including € 416 mln CAT claims. Group Cor is confirmed at best level.
Gross written premiums
€ 20,749 mln
+0.5 pps
Operating result
€ 1,972 mln

1 All changes in this Report are calculated on 2016, unless otherwise reported. Changes in premiums, life net cash inflows and Annual Premium Equivalent (APE) are on a like-for-like basis, i.e. at equivalent exchange rates and consolidated scope. Changes in Operating result, Asset Under Management and Operating ROE consider 2016 comparative data restated due to the divestments in Dutch and Irish businesses in accordance with IFRS 5. Please refer to the paragraph Changes in the presentation of the performance indicators of the Group in the Note to the Management Report for further information.
2 Premiums with social and environmental value refer to companies representing 93.5% of total Group direct premiums.
3 RIG is the Responsible Investment Guideline that codifies responsible investment activities at Group level. SRI are assets managed according to Generali Investment Europe’s SRI (Socially Responsible Investment) proprietary methodology (two funds and three mandates) both on behalf of Group insurance companies and third-party clients.
4 Top management refers to the Generali Leadership Group (GLG).
5 Total emissions refer to 44% of the total Group employees in the following countries: Austria France, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Spain and Switzerland.