How we create sustainable value: our business model

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Business Model Business Model

Our business model

We develop simple, integrated, customized and competitive life and property&casualty insurance solutions for our clients: the offer ranges from savings, individual and family protection policies, unit-linked policies, as well as motor third-party liability (MTPL), home, accident and health policies, to sophisticated coverage for commercial and industrial risks and tailored plans for multinational companies.
We distribute our products and we offer our services based on a multi-channel strategy, while also relying on new technologies: not only through a global network of agents and financial advisors, but also through brokers, bancassurance and direct channels which allow our clients to obtain information on alternative products, compare options for the desired product, acquire the preferred product and rely on excellent after-sales service and the best customer experience.
The premiums we receive from our clients to enter into insurance contracts are responsibly invested in high quality assets.
The premiums collected are managed through appropriate asset-liability management policies so as to guarantee the payment of claims and benefits to our policyholders or their beneficiaries after death, accidents or the occurrence of the insured event.

Output / Impact

Financial capital

13.4% RoE
(+0.0 pps)
€ 1,330 mln total proposed dividend

Our performance

Human capital

We are committed to valuing and developing our people in order to be ready to more effectively meet future challenges.
We listen to them as to understand how we can improve and meet their needs.

Global Engagement Survey 2017
86% response rate
(+1 pps vs 2015)
80% engagement rate
(-2 pps vs 2015)

Our strategy

Natural capital

We are committed to contributing to the transition towards a more sustainable economy and society, even by managing our direct impact.

t 112.782 CO2e total emissions
(-9.5% vs base year 2013)

Total emissions refer to 44% of the total Group employees in the following countries: Austria France, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Spain and Switzerland.

Our rules for running business with integrity

Social and relationship capital

We continue to implement our Net Promoter System Program - recently awarded by Medallia as one of the most successful global programs - and listen to our customers and distributors while responding to their feedback and allowing ourselves to improve their satisfaction and loyalty.

Customer T-NPS, active in 54 business units and with a coverage of approximately 90% of our customer base

164 thousand
unsatisfied clients were re-contacted
quick wins were implemented
structural improvements

Distributor R-NPS, active in 31 sales channels in 20 business units

improvements were implemented
Global Agent Excellence Contest
launched in 23 business units

Connected Agent and Mobile Hub, initiatives which aim to respectively equip our agents with tools to interact with customers through digital channels and our customers with a platform for managing their policies through their cell phones in an easier and more independent manner. The agents have already been provided with tools in Spain, Argentina, Austria, Switzerland and Indonesia; the platform was launched in France and Switzerland and is being launched in Italy and Spain.

We support the most vulnerable people through The Human Safety Net, a global initiative which tackles three important socio-demographic issues.

Vision, Mission, Values

Manufactured capital

approximately € 26 billion
in real estate assets

composed of both historical properties as well as recent ones, and managed by Generali Real Estate (GRE) for the purposes of creating eco-sustainable value. Within the realm of the European project, Green Building Workshop, GRE developed the Green Building Guidelines (GBG) which aim to improve the environmental performance of the real estate assets of the Group by bringing them to elevated standards in order to mitigate the future obsolescence of properties and to ensure that - along the entire real estate value chain - all affected parties (manufacturers, administrators, tenants) understand and respect effective sustainability rules. An increasing number of buildings is therefore certified according to HQE, DGNB, LEED and/or BREEAM standards.

Intellectual capital

We have strong technical know-how which allows us to offer insurance solutions that are high in quality as well as innovative and digital so as to meet the needs of our clients and simplify our processes.

Our Strategy